Ride With Us

  • We ride every Saturday, 9:00 am

  • Rides start by the Sheldonian Theatre, Broad Street and end in the Common Ground cafe

  • Adhoc week day rides when daylight permits

  • See the routes on twitter.com/vcjericho and our Facebook group

VC Jericho meet on Saturday mornings at 9 am outside the Sheldonian Theatre, Broad Street, in the centre of Oxford.

Riders organise themselves into groups by pace (see below) with routes and ride organisers announced via our members-only Facebook group and on Twitter. We have a wide range of ride types and speeds, from new riders to super-fast.

We welcome any riders who want to improve their road craft and enjoy the roads of Oxfordshire, Bucks, Berks and beyond.  Come along on Saturday and give us a try.

Rides are typically circular routes that take 2 to 3:30 hours (sometimes longer when the weather is good or the Puncture Pixie strikes) and end at the Common Ground cafe in Little Clarendon street, or another cyclist-friendly cafe in town.

When the weather is clement there are also rides during the week, usually either Skivers' Rides during the day or an evening ride after work. Timings for these and other events are communicated via the club's closed Facebook group.

Which group should I ride with?

Riders new to VC Jericho should join the Anchor ride.​ 

Average speed means there will be sections that are harder and faster than the average speed suggests. Once you find yourself at the front of your current group more often than not, it is time to move to a faster group.


The following groups are usually riding on a Saturday:


Anchor group: average speed 13-15mph (20-24kph), no dropping

Consolidarsi: Average speed 14 – 16.5 mpg (24-27kph), no dropping people if possible


Medium: Average speed 16-18.5 mph (26-30kph), no dropping people if possible


Medium fast: Average speed 17-19.5 mph (27-31kph), people occasionally dropped

Fast: Average speed 18.5-21+ mph (30-34kph+), regular dropping of experienced riders, often no mid-ride stop or regrouping after hills. This is race training.

Beginners or riders new to group riding are welcome in the Anchor group. 

VC Jericho, 37-38 Little Clarendon Street,
Oxford OX1 2HU

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