Joining VC Jericho

VC Jericho extends a warm welcome and encouragement to potential members.  You are very welcome to turn up to our rides and try them out without commitment to join.

You'll find a wide range of people at VCJ, with one thing in common - we love riding our bikes.  Whatever your skill level or favourite type of riding, you'll find someone like you at the club.  We have members who ride hundreds of miles a week, and others who ride just a few.  There are members who race, and others who like a more leisurely pace.  We tour, ride on road, across country (sometimes in error) and mountain bike.  However you roll, we'd love to roll with you.  

Cyclox Discount

Cyclox is a campaigning organisation 

that seeks to influence local policy

on cycling funding, protected routes,

road  repairs, bike parking, the image

of cycling, and planning



Cyclox offers VC Jericho members

a 20% discount on their individual

annual membership fee. if they pay

by standing order. 

Please contact if you're interested in joining. 

VC Jericho Terms of Membership

By becoming a member of VC Jericho (the “Club”) you agree to abide by the Club constitution.

The minimum age for Club membership is 18.

All new memberships and renewals should be applied for through the Club subscription page hosted by
British Cycling.

All new subscriptions will be either accepted or rejected by the Club Membership Secretary. Any person whose application to join the Club is rejected has the right to appeal in writing to the Club Chairman and Club Secretary.

The Club’s affiliation with British Cycling does not confer individual Club members with insurance benefits, and therefore the Club strongly recommends that all members maintain their own insurance through British Cycling, Cycling UK, or other insurance providers.

Once membership expires, you will be notified by email, and must renew within 28 days otherwise you will be deemed to be no longer a Club member.

When cycling with the Club or when out cycling wearing Club kit you will be seen to be representing the Club and we ask that you ride with respect and due regard to the safety of other cyclists and road users.

VC Jericho, 37-38 Little Clarendon Street,
Oxford OX1 2HU

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