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Group Riding Guidelines

Why do we ride as a group?

  • To have fun

  • To get fitter

  • To socialise

  • To explore

  • To share the joy of cycling with others

Riding as a group requires consideration, compromise, skill, and continuous focus.

The club does not have rules for riding in a group, but we encourage safe behaviours, and principles that lead to safe, enjoyable rides.

Safe Behaviours


  1. Relaxed

  2. Loose

  3. Confident

  4. Calm

  5. Talking

  6. Pointing

  7. Moving predictably

  8. Focused

  9. Fed & watered

  10. Clear thinking

  11. React progressively



  1. Anxious

  2. Tense

  3. Unsure

  4. Afraid

  5. Unnecessary shouting

  6. Vague hand signals

  7. Swerving, erratic

  8. Daydreaming

  9. Bonked or dehydrated

  10. Panicking

  11. Overreacting

If you see something, say something.

Be aware of how your behaviour affects others.

If you don't know something, ask.

If we don't ask, how do we learn?

Introduction to Group Riding

This 5 minute video gives a good illustration of VCJ's primary mode of group riding, a double pace line, changing anti-clockwise.

Signals and Calling


Signals are used to help the riders behind you avoid imperfections or obstacles in road.  If you are at the front of the group, take responsibility for looking far enough ahead so you can manoeuvre your bike around obstacles without swerving.

Make your hand signals as precise as possible.  Point directly at the obstacle using a finger rather than your hand.  

If an obstacle is seen late, sometimes it is safer to ride through it than swerve around it and risk a collision.


If an obstacle could cause damage, or an accident, then call it out verbally, in a calm tone, including where the obstacle is.  For example "Hole left."   

Riders at the front and back of the group should indicate when the group is turning, so vehicles ahead and behind are aware.

Remember, we share the road and the countryside with others, and so try not to over-call or shout, using hand signals where ever possible. 

Calls vary, but here are some you might hear on a VCJ ride:

  • "Car up" - there's a car ahead of the group that you need to pay attention to

  • "Car back" - as above, but behind the group

  • "Slowing" or "Stopping" - the riders in front are slowing down or stopping. Often accompanied by an outstretched hand. 

  • "Hole left" - there's a dangerous hole in the road to the left

  • "Gravel" - there's loose road surface that could be slippery

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